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Welcome Nala!

Yes it finely happened! The thing we have all been waiting for all of these weeks! Our Bella had her kids at 8 a.m. the morning the 24th. The good news is, we have a lovely little light caramel doe kid, who was up and running about 10 minutes after she was born. The bad news is,  there were 2 others that we could not save in the birth process, another doe, and a buck. The lesson is – some things we just have no control over in this life. We have hundreds of births and hatchings here every year, but in each and every one of them, there is always “that” moment. That beautiful, terrifying, all determining moment in each and every new life, right when something is born, and just before it takes its first breath that is absolutely out of anyone’s control, except God’s, so it is in His hand that I leave this.  I will spend my energy enjoying and getting to know our newest member of the tribe “Nala” (and yes, we all now have that song stuck in out heads!) as we welcome her with open hearts and arms, and congratulate our Bella on her new daughter. She is our bright little rainbow after the storm, and we love her already!

Spring Cleaning

Well, it’s that time of year once again when we get into that “spring cleaning” mode. The weather is finally warm enough to be able to get outside early in morning, and it is staying light out late enough that you can get large projects finished up in one day.  It’s time to get into the barn with the broom and knock down all of the condo’s the spiders have been building all winter (although my vet told me that cobwebs were a sign of a healthy barn). I think this year I will be forced to apply a new coat of paint as well.  I will need to replace all of the fly traps to keep ahead of them this season. I am getting ready to move out all of the plants that have to over-winter in the greenhouse and get them to a suitable spring/summer location. I also like to toss a couple of large hens in there for a week or so to clear it of black widows and other insects that have taken up residence for the winter in there.

Although kitty has been vigilant about keeping the mouse population down to few and far between this winter (all hail Lucy – oh mighty hunter!), I need to get into the shed and clean the shelves off, rearrange the feed and garden supplies, and sweep all the way back into all the dark corners and reset some of the bait stations. I use a mixture of 1/2 flour and 1/2 plaster of paris for the rodents. It won’t harm kitty or the dogs but works very well on the mice and other little furry critters that get into the shed.

We found the first snake of the season last weekend (just a little garter snake) so it is now warm enough that they are coming out of hibernation and we should be watchful. In the nine years I have owned this land we have had only one rattlesnake that I know of  – and that was because a wood pile was left over the winter. We do have two red racers that come around every year and there has been at least one large king snake spotted in the back field, so it is always a good idea to clean up any piles of debris, like the tree branches that have been sitting in the driveway since December waiting for the chipper. My bad.

Then it is on to the inside of the house…….

Still waiting on Bella…

Here are some recent pictures to enjoy while we continue to wait for Bella’s babies to make their debut.

Miss Morgan gets up close and personal

Double delight rose

Broody Hens

Delicious artichokes!

Reno, Shari's horse that we love

Shari's garden is full of whimsical touches like this