The First Day of Spring – Out Like a Lion

Sunday, March 20th brought us the spring equinox. I always heard the saying for March was “in like a lion, out like a lamb”, but where we are it can still be a decidedly harsh month. The fruit blossoms have been out for a week, and some of the roses have even put out their first blooms, but as of last night a heavy rain storm and a strong wind have been pummeling us non-stop. The storm keeps changing direction and seems to have blown at us from all sides now. I fear for the safety of some of the young rose clones, and tender blossoms, as this wind is strong enough to rip the heads right off of anything that has flowered in the last week or so. The animal pens have once again been turned to molten mud, and it has been necessary to put on the high rubber boots to go slogging through the muck. We lost some birds in the mud, and sections of the  fences have fallen over from the high winds. Parts of the solar panels were torn from the roof, and tree branches are coming down around us, and the septic tank in the back yard is slowly collapsing from the weight of the mud. To top off the high winds we received 5.2″ of rain in 14 hours. I am keeping my eye on a couple of trees that look like they might want to topple over. They said it will rain all week.

About a dozen water-soaked hens ended up being put in the greenhouse over night and my office had a Cuckoo Maran hen that picked the wrong day to be egg bound and two crates of unhappy pheasants pitching a fit most of the night – not understanding that they were in there for their own safety and protection. Try telling that to a pheasant who has been stuffed into a crate. Needless to say I did not get much writing done.

Yes, I know full well complaining about the weather will not make it stop raining, and yes I also know that compared to what other parts of the world just went through, I should feel lucky. I’m not really complaining, just stating the facts.

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