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Ah, spring!

First gosling of the season

First gosling of the season

With its promise of all things coming back to life after the long winter’s rest, and the very air around us filled with love and the hope of all things good and bountiful to come. We have been dreaming for weeks now, with the first arrivals of those seed catalogs, putting our minds into that euphoric state of the ground being ready to work again.  The thought of the taste of a tomato, still warm from the sun. Or that very first bite of watermelon on a hot day with a little pinch of salt following a long winter when there is nothing growing about except for the cabbage (and one can only eat just so much cabbage before one is sick of it!) The warm breezes, first sight of the bulbs poking their green heads up after their long nap, the first fuzzy little chicks that hatch, the first blossoms on the fruit trees, and preparing the nursery pens for the baby goats that will be here soon. Oh the anticipation and the joy! I love it!

Last night we had our first gosling hatch in the incubator. It was weak and struggled most of the night, but took a turn for the better after we gave it an eyedropper full of warm sugar water, and it’s up and about this morning. I brought it into the house along with two chicks that hatched at the same time, and will be keeping them under my watchful eye for a few days.

Speaking of seed catalogs, I love this quote from the book Truck by Michael Perry. It’s so true!

“Seed catalogs are responsible for more unfulfilled fantasies than Enron and Penthouse combined.”