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Squirrels and shatterproof glass oddities

I have one of those beautiful green glass bowl bathroom sinks (or I should say had one.) One morning last week, as I returned from feeding the animals, I came back in the house and walked into my living room – crunching on broken glass on the floor. Baffled, I followed the trail halfway down the hall and stopped short in my tracks. There were green glass shards all the way down the hallway and 4 feet into the second bedroom. I picked my way over the glass covered hall carpet and peeked around the corner into the bathroom. It looked as though a bomb had gone off! There was green glass everywhere! All of the soap and lotion bottles that had been on the counter were strewn across the floor. I panicked. I had no idea what had just happened or what had caused it- I grabbed the phone and the camera…. no one was going to believe this! So 2 phone calls to my insurance lady, 1 missed day of work and 5 hours of cleaning up glass later, we learned that while this is uncommon, those glass bowls CAN explode! Of the billion that are manufactured, a few hundred actually do blow up….Hmmmm good odds, I’m going to go buy a lotto ticket if this is my luck!

Now to the squirrels. So, as I am working sweeping and cleaning glass up in the hallway, I hear one of the chicks that I am brooding in the mud room start to cheep loudly. I go to investigate and as I come around the corner there is a rather large ground squirrel jumping out of my brooder box with one of my chicks!

I was aware that rodents will kill birds, but squirrels don’t usually come to the forefront of my mind where this is concerned. Upon spotting me, the squirrel dropped the chick and quickly fled through a very small hole in between the floor boards. I stood there for a moment with my jaw slack and agape at what I had just witnessed. It was a good size rodent, and the hole it escaped through seemed way too small for it to fit down. I went outside to look around to see if I could figure out where this beast had come in to the house. I found a large hole right next to the back porch steps. I placed my Have-a-heart trap right in front of it, baited with some sweet feed. Most rodents can’t resist sweet feed. Let the games begin!

Day 1
The good news is…I caught a squirrel in the trap. The bad news is… it was a different one then the one I had seen in my kitchen- much younger/smaller.
Day 2
I baited the trap again. I caught another one. Again, not the one I had seen.
Day 3
Ok, today the one in the trap could have been the one I have been after, but I set the trap again to be sure.
Day 4
This morning, much to my surprise, there were two of them in there! Now I am starting to see that I have had an entire squirrel village invading my house, and this is going to take time before I trap them all.
Squirrels are smart, but I have opposable thumbs. I will reign victorious in the end.